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Call Wyoming Electric to get your generator today!

  1. We provide Generac generators with a cold weather kit for the oil and a cold weather kit for the battery.

  2. The Generac generators come with a built-in battery charging system.

  3. We can provide a GenPad for your generator to sit on or we can pour a concrete pad.

  4. Generac generators can sit outside and come with an outdoor rated enclosure.

  5. We can install multiple automatic transfer switches if needed that work with one Generac generator.

  6. Your entire home and property power can be ran from one generator.

  7. Generac generators are fairly quiet and can sit about anywhere outside your home.

  8. One thing to consider about generator placement is that all generators need combustion air for the engine to run. If the generator is placed where a snow bank forms or where blowing snow will fill the air intake on the generator, the generator will not work. Some thought has to be given on generator placement and sometimes a small snow fence is placed to protect the generator.

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