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Own Your Power™

Power Your Home with a Standby Generator

Why have a Generac Generator?

  1. Automatic Power Backup

    Generac generators are installed in your home and integrated into your electrical and gas systems so that they will instantly go to work when the power goes out. When power is restored, the system will shut down and return the load to the regular power company power. All this will happen automatically, so you don’t even have to be home to enjoy the convenience and protection of a Generac generator.

  2. Generac generators are safe and reliable
    Generac generators are designed and installed in compliance with all local codes. This helps eliminate risks and maximize safety. All electrical connections and equipment will be properly installed. We pride ourselves on our quality.

  3. No Need to Refuel
    Portable generators can provide support during outages, but they require fuel to operate. Most people would not have enough fuel for a portable generator to run more
    than a day. Generac generators are directly linked to your natural gas or propane lines so they can have a continuous supply of fuel. Even if you rely on a propane tank for fuel, you can operate a generator 24hours for a full week or more.

  4. Mobile Link Remote Monitoring
    You can use the Mobile Link remote monitoring system to check on the status of your generator from any mobile device. This technology will allow you to be confident that your generator is ready for any emergency.

  5. Superior Generators
    Generac has become the long-standing leader in generators by providing customers with superior products that are powerful and reliable. No detail is overlooked in designing and building products that are meant to last. Their talented engineers have developed custom engines that produce more power while also consuming less energy than the competition.

  6.  Customer Service
    Once you purchase a Generac generator, you will always be just a phone call away from help. Generac has excellent customer service. In this area, Wyoming Electric will support your needs.

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